The 5th China-South Korea-Japan Real Estate Appraisal Forum Successfully  Held

                                            On June 9th, China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and Agents (CIREA) held the 5th China-South Korea-Japan Real Estate Appraisal Forum with the theme of Sustainable Development and Appraisal Service online, cooperated with Japan Association of Real Estate Appraisers (JAREA) and Korea Association of Property Appraisers (KAPA) . Dr. Chai Qiang, the President of CIREA, Mr.Yang Gil Su, the President of KAPA and Mr. Yoshimura Shiniki, the President of JAREA attended the forum and delivered speeches. Mr. Zhao Xinming, the Vice President and Secretary General of CIREA, presided over the forum and delivered a speech at the closing ceremony.

                                            Dr. Chai Qiang, the President of CIREA pointed out in his speech at the opening ceremony that under the background of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality, appraisers should establish sustainable development idea, actively discuss the impact of sustainable development on real estate value, actively participate in the exploration and improvement of the return on investment in green and low-carbon development and the mechanism. In urban renewal and renovation of old residentials, appraisers should evaluate the real estate value scientifically and objectively before and after renovation,should show each household in the renovation area that the added value of the renovation to their original real estate. And participate in editing and optimizing the urban renewal and reconstruction plan by using real estate appraisal with best& highest use analysis. It is hoped that China, South Korea and Japan will continue to have in-depth exploration in the fields, to strengthen communication, and to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

                                            President Yang Gil Su and President Yoshimura Shiniki expressed their sincere congratulations to holding this forum and pointed out that the issues of environment, population and energy are major problems the world facing today. Therefore, sustainable development is the inevitable choice of all the countries in the world. The real estate appraisal companies and appraisers of the three countries should seize the development opportunities, to consider and reflect the relevant requirements in the actual appraisal. This forum will help appraisal companies and appraisers deeply understand the problems and deficiencies in the context of sustainable development and grasp the future development trends and requirements.

                                            10 speakers, well-known real estate valuation experts, scholars and appraisers from China, South Korea and Japan gathered online to focus on the professional role of real estate valuation in coping with climate change, the appraisal exploration path under the background of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality , the opportunities and practices of urban renewal, and the appraisal technical paths of ecological products etc., delivered keynote speeches, shared research results and exchanged practical experience.

                                            Participants believed that the sustainable development strategy will lead the real estate and the real estate appraisal industry to open a new chapter. The real estate appraisal can learn from the idea of ESG analysis to reasonably measure the valuation impact of real estate with improved ESG performance.

                                            The real estate appraisal companies should grasp the new opportunities of sustainable development, realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional business of real estate valuation, and deeply explore the new business directions such as appraisal of energy-saving and low-carbon buildings, building Carbon Value assessment and assessment of green finance. Construct green building evaluation index containing indoor environment of buildings and outdoor environment of buildings and actively explore its impact on real estate price or value; Make full use of the professional advantages of the real estate valuation industry in economic estimation, market research, feasibility study of investment projects, etc., provide appraisal services, consulting services and policy research in the renovation of old residentials; Carry out basic work such as dynamic monitoring of rights, provide professional services for realizing the value of different categories of ecological products;  build a broader green data exchange platform and jointly promote the high-quality development of appraisal industries.

                                            Mr. Zhao Xinming, made a speech at the closing ceremony. He mentioned, achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality is China's solemn commitment to the world, which is also the inevitable route for the world to achieve sustainable development. Those who observe the trend are wise and those who control the trend will win. Promoting green urbanization, reducing building energy consumption and vigorously developing construction of green and low-carbon building will surely become the development trend of the real estate industry in the future. To serve the sustainable development of society, which is an important path to realize the sustainable development of valuation industry. Through continuous exchanges and sharing of experience in valuation service concepts, China, South Korea and Japan have contributed wonderful educational viewpoints from different perspectives and achieved common development through mutual promotion, and will promote real estate valuation industry in China, South Korea and Japan to a new level.

                                            More than 10,000 members of CIREA, KAPA and JAREA attended the forum online.

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