The 2021 Annual Conference of China Real Estate Appraisal Successfuly Held Online

                                            The 2021 Annual Conference of China Real Estate Appraisal was successfuly held on December 21, 2021 Online with the theme of "Real Estate Appraisal: Retrospect and Prospect". Dr. Chai Qiang, President of CIREA, delivered a keynote speech at the Annual Conference. Mr. Zhao Xinming, Vice President and Secretary General of CIREA, presided over the Annual Conference .

                                            In his speech, Dr. Chai Qiang introduced the background of the theme of the Annual Conference, analyzed the internal and external environment of the current development of the appraisal industry, and put forward some opinions on the transformation and upgrading of appraisal companies. He pointed out that the real estate appraisal Annual Conference is the annual discussion of the industry development strategy in China's appraisal industry, looking back is to better look forward, looking forward is for better development. The social economic development and the real estate market development, have brought important changes to the appraisal requirements, the types, channels, etc. making real estate appraisal industry is in a "big transition period". Real estate appraisal companies should transform and upgrade from the following aspects: Firstly, they should stick to the bottom line of professional ethics, fight for the interests or reduce losses for the clients in accordance with the law, and prevent and resolve relevant risks. Secondly,  to establish confidence and patience, mainly rely on professional ability, the evaluation opinions of public, and their brands to obtain valuation business. Thirdly, we should adhere to the development direction of marketization, specialization and consultation. We should not rely too much on "legal evaluation", but should base on "voluntary evaluation". Lastly, to be step by step, continuous efforts, not only to develop new customers, but also keep good relationship with former customers to have “lifelong customers”.

                                            At the conference, 18 speakers, who are the relevant experts and scholars, or the head of the famous real estate appraisal organizations, gave their keynote speeches online on the internal and external environment change and development in the real estate appraisal, innovation, how valuation serve in the new field of economic and social development, new types of real estate appraisal and consulation services practice, as well as real estate valuation industry digitization, partner system etc.

                                            The speakers believe that at present, the macro environment and changes in the real estate market are changing the demand for the services of appraisal companies. The era of professional, service and technology transformation and upgrading of the industry is coming. In the future, professional appraisal services still have a promising prospect. The appraisal companies need to focus on ecological environment, urban renewal, state-owned enterprise development, real estate transaction, stock equity transfe etc., and constantly explore new services and expand new business fields. Facing the future, the appraisal companies should adhere to professional development and provide high-quality appraisal services to achieve sustainable development.

                                            The Annual Conference attracted more than 520,000 real estate appraisers and practitioners from all over the country to join online.

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