The 4th Member Congress of China Institute of Real
                                            Estate Appraisers and Agents Held in B

                                               The 4th Member Congress of China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and Agents (CIREA) was held on December 28th, 2020. Mr. Ni?Hong, Vice?Minister?of?the?Ministry?of?Housing?and?Urban-Rural?Development (MOHURD), sent?a?written?speech?to?the?Congress. Mr. Jiang Xiaoqun, Director of Personnel Department of MOHURD attended the Congress and gave a speech. Mr. Zhang Qiguang, Director of Real Estate Market Regulation Department, Mr. Chen Zhongbo, Deputy Director of Personnel Department and Mr. Wang Ce, Deputy Director of Real Estate Market Regulation Department also attended the Congress.

                                            Vice Minister Ni Hong held a positive view on the work of the 3rd Council of CIREA on self-discipline management of real estate industry. He pointed out that CIREA, assisted MOHURD as good bridge between government and companies, and has played a significant role on promoting the healthy development of real estate industry by striving to provide services for its members, reflecting the demands of the industry actively, and advocating honest management vigorously.

                                            Ms. Du Juan, the 3rd President of CIREA, gave a work report on behalf of the 3rd Council. She summarized the achievements of the 3rd Council – assisted the government to carry out industry management, maintained the rights and interests of real estate appraisal, brokerage and housing rental industry, strengthened the legal status of the industry, broadened the field of professional services, set up the rules of real estate brokerage industry, improved the quality of services, and studied fundamental issues related to  housing rental. At the same time, she pointed out that there were still some institutional and basic problems to be solved. She hopes that the new Board will continue to unite members and promote the development of CIREA and the industry to a new level.

                                            The Congress elected the 4th Board of Council. Mr. Chai Qiang was elected to be the President, Mr. Zhao Xinming was elected to be the Vice President and Secretary General

                                            Chai Qiang, the 4th president of CIREA, pointed out that CIREA would do researches and promote the development and progress of real estate appraisal, brokerage, and housing rental industry, as well as constitute the related Rules. In the future, CIREA will calm down and keep upright and innovation, strive for progress in stability, and strive to do all that  beneficial to members, the industry and the society, and strive to achieve new and greater achievements in industry self-discipline management.

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